First date basics

Nervous about going out on that first date? Most people are. The good news is that the more you date, the easier it gets. So find out more about how to do a first date and have fun too. read more


Feeling safe online

If you're single these days, you're in luck. Since the advent of cyber-dating is it much easier to meet people. SomethingJewish offers some handy hints on how to find your ideal match and be safe at the same time. read more



Online Dating Etiquette

These days, people are logging on to the Web for everything from banking and business to shopping and love, and with this surge in online activity, we've seen a whole new code of manners emerge. Find out all about online dating etiquette. read more


Jewish Dating at

Jewish online dating

Are you single & Jewish? Visit to view 1000s of fabulous UK singles. is powered by, the most popular Jewish online personals community. Look for dates in the UK because love & romance are just a click away. read more


Get a Jewish date online

Get a date online

SJ offers some handy advice to find a date online. To help you make the leap and up your odds for success, we've come up with a simple recipe that seems to work wonders. Use our essential list of eight key points to help you meet your ideal match. read more


Jewish dating for Jewish singles

Jewish dating

A new online Jewish dating service that allows people to find, meet and schmooze with other Jewish singles has gone live. SomeoneJewish, is aimed at all sections of the Jewish community who are looking for their special someone. read more

SomeoneJewish online Jewish dating

Jewish dating goes big, the UK's premium online Jewish dating service has kicked off the new year with the placing of the biggest poster promoting something Jewish in recent years. The SomeoneJewish 48 sheet poster is located in north west London. read more

Being romantic

Modern romance

Stacey Waterman talks about romance. She says: "We need to remember that finding love is also about romance. It's about passion and fun and being fearless. We all need to believe in old-fashioned romance a bit more and rely on our instincts as well as our PCs." read more

Lisa Loeb

Someone Jewish for Lisa

You would have thought that with a greatest hits album and her own TV show, Dallas' finest Jewish songstress Lisa Loeb would be very happy. Well, she is - sort off, but in the love stakes, she is looking to improve on and is looking for someone Jewish. read more