Father of home computing passes away

Jack Tramiel photo by Alex Handy

Commodore founder Jack Tramiel dies

Entrepreneur and Holocaust survivor Jack Tramiel, who was the man behind such 1980s home computers as Commodore's Vic 20 and C-64, as well as the Atari ST, has died aged 83. read more

Celebrating Barmitzvah by helping others

Barmitzvah boy Josh Romero

Orphaned Israeli teens share Barmitzvah joy

Teenage Bar and Bat Mitzvah celebrants in the USA are making their special day more meaningful - by sharing it with orphans who are celebrating their own coming of age in Israel. read more


Kosher meat shortage in USA

Shortage of kosher meat

Kosher supply problems

With the kosher meat producer Agriprocessors facing mounting financial problems, and a fire-related shutdown at another major kosher producer, industry insiders say major supply disruptions are inevitable. read more

US Elections

Edgar Bronfman, the former head of the World Jewish Congress has endorsed Barack Obama

Bronfman backs Obama

The former head of the World Jewish Congress endorsed Barack Obama. Longtime Jewish philanthropist Edgar Bronfman wrote in an article posted on the Huffington Post Web site that he's backing Obama. read more

US Elections

Barack Obama appealing to Jews

Jews backing Obama

Jews are backing Barack Obama based primarily on traditional identification with the Democratic Party, a new has found. read more


Rabbi writes voting prayer

Rabbi writes voting prayer

A Massachusetts rabbi has written a prayer to say before voting. The prayer is nonpartisan, says Rabbi David Seidenberg, a Conservative and Renewal rabbi in Northhampton. read more

Meat producer Agriprocessors has been fined nearly $10 million for work violations

Agriprocessors under fire

Meat producer Agriprocessors has been fined nearly $10 million for work violations by Iowa Workforce Development. read more

Anti-Semitic daubings on building

Jewish hate stays same

Hate crimes in the United States declined slightly last year, according to the FBI. But Anti-Jewish crimes remained the same. read more

Sarah Silverman

Silverman: "Vote Obama"

Comedienne Sarah Silverman has stepped into the US political arena, urging young Jewish citizens to encourage their grandparents to vote for presidential hopeful Barack Obama. read more

Rabbi Sharon Brous

Prize winning rabbi

Rabbi Sharon Brous has emerged as the first recipient of the Inspired Leadership Award. The award, given by the Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles, comes with a $100,000 prize. read more


No to domestic violence

A Jewish women's group wants the presidential candidates to make the issue of domestic violence a priority. read more