Israeli firm makes pet travel easier


Help for pet travelling

An Israeli travel agency which specialises in helping pet owners transport their furry friends overseas has launched a new service to help disabled travellers. read more

ZF raises conern over BBC Hamas story

BBC Hamas Story

ZF complains to BBC

The Zionist Federation has raised concern over a report on Hamas that was written for the BBC News Online website and which it says failed to reveal the true extent of what Hamas stands for. read more


Netanyahu wins Israeli election

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Another term for Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has claimed victory in Tuesday's parliamentary elections, and says the top priority of the new government will be to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear arsenal. read more

Sir Cliff returns to Israel

Sir Cliff Richard

Summer gig for Cliff

Chart veteran Cliff Richard is set to return to Israel this summer to perform in Tel Aviv - 50 years after he first touched down in the Holy Land. read more

Israeli ambassador summoned by UK

Israeli Ambassador to the UK Daniel Taub

Diplomatic pressure on Israel

Israel says it will not backtrack on a settlement expansion plan that has drawn strong international condemnation as UK summon Israeli ambassador. read more

Israel News

Palestine at UN

UK and Germany abstain on vote

The UN General Assembly has overwhelmingly endorsed a Palestinian Authority bid to upgrade its status to a "non-member observer state." read more

Ehud Barak

Barak to retire

Israeli defence minister and former prime minister Ehud Barak is retiring from politics. read more

Rockets over Israel

Ceasefire holding

Work crews are cleaning up debris in Southern Israel after dozens of homes and businesses were damaged in Palestinian rockets. read more

Mohammed Kamel Amr and Hilary Clinton

Israel-Gaza ceasefire begins

A ceasefire in Israel-Gaza hostilities brokered by Egypt went into effect Wednesday night. read more

Bus bomb Tel Aviv

Bus bomb in Tel Aviv

A bomb blast on a bus in Tel Aviv has injured at least 10 people. A Hamas spokesman said it was in revenge for Israeli attacks on Gaza. read more