An App for Passover

Haggadah for iPad

Passover on the iPad

Caroline Westbrook reviews the latest IPad app, Passover Haggadah which launched in the UK earlier this month ahead of this year's Seder nights and festival. read more

Gefiltefest returns to London


Jewish food fest is back

This year's Gefiltefest - the UK's only Jewish food festival - is set to take place in London on Sunday May 19th, with tickets for the event on sale now. read more


Essex girl Nicole aims for Miss England

Nicole Abraham

Vote for Nicole

A Jewish girl from Loughton in Essex is hoping to achieve her dream of being crowned Miss England after reaching a preliminary stage in the beauty contest. read more

A good kosher roasting

Kosher Roast

Kosher Roast returns to London

London's only pop-up kosher restaurant Kosher Roast is set to return to the capital with a new Spring menu for the bank holiday weekend. read more

New project to help community

Genetic testing of the healthy Ashkenazi Jewish population

Ashkenazi cancer screening

Early detection screening and counselling for cancer within the Ashkenazi Jewish population is being undertaken as part of a pilot test project in north west London. read more

Life and Style

Putting a new spin on the chanukah game of dreidel is No Limit Texas Dreidel

New spin on old game

With less than two months to go before Chanukah, a Jewish gaming company is hoping its poker-style dreidel game will become a cult sensation this year. read more

A glass of Israeli wine from Domaine Du Castel

Israeli wine on the up

Find out about the wine revolution going on in Israel and how the country is transforming itself into a leading wine producer. read more

KLBD Kosher Direct

1000 members signed up

The United Synagogue's Kashrut Division is celebrating more than 1000 people signing up to its Facebook group. read more

Lisa Voice

Lisa Voice interview

She's dated Billy Fury, escaped from a violent marriage, is best friends with Sharon Osbourne and lives next door to Sir Paul McCartney. Caroline Westbrook meets music producer Lisa Voice. read more

window box

Window boxes for your home

Martine Davis of the Balcombe Street Window Box Company writes about the benefits of making a beautiful entrance to your home. read more

Pulse food

Finger on the pulse

Caroline Westbrook meets the co-owner of Pulse, a stand on London Bridge specialising in falafel, combined with some rather unusual ingredients. read more