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5 facts about Natalie Portman

Last updated: 2002-05-15

With Attack Of The Clones, the latest Star Wars movie, set to hit cinemas at midnight on May 16,'s Caroline Westbrook reveals five top facts on its kosher star, Natalie Portman...

1.She was born on June 9, 1981, in Israel - her dad is Israeli, her mother American - and learned to speak Hebrew before she spoke English. The family upped and moved to Washington DC when Natalie was three before settling in Long Island six years later.

2. 'Portman isn't Natalie's real surname - it's actually her grandmother's maiden name and she uses it professionally. Seems she's not too keen on people knowing her real moniker, as she's keen to protect her offscreen privacy.

4. Natalie's currently combining film stardom with college - although again, she is protecting her privacy by refusing to reveal where she is studying.

5. Despite her involvement in the current batch of Star Wars movies, she had never seen any of them before being cast by director George Lucas. "My dad is Israeli and my mom is not into movies. So movies in general were not a big part of my life. I knew Star Wars references because I'd hear them in conversation. But I'd never seen it."