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Help for pet travelling

by: Caroline Westbrook - Last updated: 2013-03-20



An Israeli travel agency which specialises in helping pet owners transport their furry friends overseas has launched a new service to help disabled travellers.

The service will allow those passengers who are suffering either physical or mental difficulties to travel with their pets as an 'emotional support animal'.

The aim of the initiative is to offer support to those travellers whose pet would otherwise not be able to fly with them - since many airlines do not allow pets on board or only those that weigh less than 8kg.

And the company offers support at ever level, from helping passengers with legal advice, dealing with relevant documentation and even negotiating with airlines on their behalf.

"Unfortunately there are many airline carriers that have a strict policy regarding pets in cabin," explained the company's CEO Dr Eytan Kreiner.  

"The 'so-called' pet friendly airlines allow pets on board with their owners only if the pet weights no more than 8 kilograms (including the flight kennel). That means that only cats and small dogs are allowed if indeed. However, the Emotional pets that support people with special needs do not fit the pet-in-cabin standard and therefore, their owners are instructed to travel by themselves," he says.

"That creates an extremely difficult situation for many people and some are even forced to give up on their travel plans. We are here to help them, Kreiner added.

Terminal4Pets also offers a range of other services including helping its customers to make Aliyah with their pets in tow, shipping pets abroad and helping with other services such as flight kennels and 'pet shuttles' to and from the airport.  

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