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Amstell ditches his Bubbe

by: Caroline Westbrook - Last updated: 2012-12-21

There's bad news for fans of BBC Two's Jewish sitcom Grandma's House after its creator Simon Amstell revealed that he would not be writing a third series.
The comedian and TV presenter told Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw that he wanted to end the show while it was still popular with viewers.
"It would be gratuitous to keep going," he said of the show.
"Also I sort of leave things once I know how to do them and they've become good, which is upsetting I think for the public because it would be nice if I could just keep going.
"I worry 'right, they've started liking this, let's get out of here before it turns to hate!'" Amstell added.
Grandma's House starred Amstell as a version of himself, a former TV presenter trying to make something of his life, with the show adopting a fly-on-the-wall approach to its episodes which led to comparisons to US hit Curb Your Enthusiasm.
Linda Bassett played his grandmother, whose house provided the setting for each episode, while his co-stars included Jewish actresses Rebecca Front and Samantha Spiro as his mother and aunt.
The first series was screened in 2010 while the second was shown earlier this year.

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