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Hammer Time part 2

by: Caroline Westbrook - Last updated: 2012-12-03

Hebrew Hammer

Hebrew Hammer


Jonathan Kesselman The Hebrew Hammer

It's been almost a decade since The Hebrew Hammer - the first ever 'Jewsploitation' movie - was unleashed on the Jewish moviegoing public - but now director Jonathan Kesselman is gearing up to make a sequel.

The Hebrew Hammer - Hammer vs Hitler will see Semitic crimefighter Mordechai Jefferson Carver - played by Adam Goldberg - stepping in after Hitler gets his hands on 'Time Sukkah' technology, and begins using it to rewrite Jewish history.

And with the dictator hellbent on erasing his people from existence it's down to our intrepid hero to team up with his old friend Mohammed Ali Paula Abdul Rahim, to make their own leap through time in a bid to stop Hitler in his tracks.

Kesselman, who described the sequel as 'a cross between Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure and Mel Brooks' History Of The World', is currently seeking funds to get the film made - and has turned to the website Jewcer, which seeks to raise funds for projects benefitting the Jewish community and Israel.

In return for helping him raise $200,000 - a fraction of the film's proposed $1.5m budget - Kesselman has offered a range of rewards, from personal credits on the official website through to the chance to go on set, be an extra and even attend the premiere (depending on how much money you can put towards the budget).

Currently, the sequel looks set to go before the cameras next spring, and hopefully be released before the end of 2013.

Although the original Hebrew Hammer only had a limited cinema release in the US - and was only belatedly released on DVD in the UK several years later - it has gained a loyal following after repeat showings on Comedy Central - while both Vanity Fair and Boston Globe featured it in their lists of the top holiday movies of all time.

The film saw Hammer attempting to crack a plot in which the evil son of Santa (Andy Dick) attempted to wipe out Chanukah.

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