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Jewrovision facts

by: Caroline Westbrook - Last updated: 2012-03-22

Everyone loves a bit of Eurovision. The annual over-the-top pan-Eurovision music contest is back again this year on May 26 in the Azerbaijani capital Baku and here at Something Jewish we present to you five super reasons why Jews love it.

1) The UK has had its fair share of top Jewish talent. 1974 saw Aussie songstress Olivia Newton-John come fourth with Long Live Love, in 1977 Lynsey de Paul came second with Rock Bottom, her duet with Mike Moran and in 2011 Antony Costa joined his fellow Blue bandmates with the song I Can which finished 11th.

2) Israel competes every year but is not actually in Europe. So how does Israel manage to join the elusive crowd? It's because they are members of the European Broadcasting Union, which makes them eligible to take part. Other countries who are eligible but have never taken part include Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt.

3) Israel has a smashing track record of three wins, including consecutive victories in 1978 and 1979. They also won in 1997 with Dana International. And unlike many of their competitors they have never finished last or scored the dreaded 'nul points'

4) Other famous Jewish participants have included legendary Israeli singer Ofra Haza who finished second in 1983, Ukrainian singer Tina Karol in 2006 and Israeli singer Noa in 2009, who performed a duet with Israeli Arab singer Mira Awad.

5) This year is even more reason to watch as Turkey is fielding its first ever Jewish representative, Izmir-born singer Can Bonomo, while the Israeli act, the psychedelic rock band Izabo, are being tipped to do well with their song Time.

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