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CST enlists Cameron

by: Ben Simons - Last updated: 2008-03-04

David Cameron

David Cameron

Tory leader David Cameron has called on Prime Minister Gordon Brown to ban Ibrahim Moussawi from the UK. Moussawi is editor of a newspaper published by extremist group Hezbollah.

Speaking at the annual Community Security Trust dinner in front of 1100 people at London's Grosvenor House Hotel, Cameron said: "I call for Gordon Brown to exclude Ibrahim Moussawi. Moussawi was recently banned by the Irish Government but for some reason is here at the moment. The Government cannot afford to split the difference with the extremists, excluding Qaradawi but letting in Moussawi. Terror apologists should be kept out full stop, period."

The evening, which was hosted by Gerald and Dame Gail Ronson saw current and former Metropolitan Police Commissioners Sir Ian Blair and Lord Stevens of Kirkwhelpington attending.

Cameron also called the work of the CST "vital". He said: "All minorities are to some degree at risk from bullies, thugs or racists. But it is only Jews who are advised not to linger outside synagogues before or after services. This is not paranoia. It is a precaution against very real threats."

Cameron added: "The Police and the security services do a great job, but they have many priorities and limited resources. That is why CST is so vital in providing that extra layer of vigilance that could, in some circumstances, make the difference between life and death."