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Govt tackles anti-Semitism

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2007-07-24



The Government has confirmed it will now make sure that Police forces across the UK will record all forms of anti-Semitic crimes and take the matter much more "seriously" than it had previously done.

Iain Write, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government said: ""Anti-Semitism has not been taken as seriously as other forms of hatred in some parts of our society."

As a result, by 2008-9, anti-Semitic crime will be recorded as a sub-category of racial attacks.

The move follows an All Party report into hate crime against Jews which saw a rise in recent years as well as poor reporting of crimes and dealing with them by Police forces

The move has been welcomed by Jewish communal groups including the Community Security Trust (CST).

"CST welcomes the Government’s response thus far and hopes that the relevant agencies are given the assistance that is necessary to meet these important commitments," said Mark Gardner, director of communications.

"There was always a danger that the work of the panel and their report would be left to languish on bookshelves in Whitehall," added Jeremy Newmark chief executive of the Jewish Leadership Council. "We are delighted that MP's and the Minister were responsive to our call that a clear process for the implementation of the report must be embedded into the machinery of Gordon Brown's new Government.