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Kirk Douglas - Let's Face it

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2007-04-12

Kirk Douglas

Kirk Douglas

Kirk Douglas is a natural storyteller. His latest autobiography, Let's Face It - 90 years of Living, Loving and learning provides a fascinating and very revealing glimpse into his life.

From growing up in New York as Issur Danielovitch, to making it big in Hollywood as Kirk Douglas, his story weaves from humble background and confronting anti-Semitism to his concern of how George Bush is running the United States of America.

Let's Face It is one of those books you can't put down once you start reading it. Like the fine actor he is, his book is compelling and full of passion. It takes the reader of a journey that spans the globe and the decades. It name checks the great and the good, as well as those he feels are not so good.

It's personal. Very personal. The story of what the son of Russian immigrants can achieve. It's about his life, his upbringing, his children, his grandchildren. He reveals how he visits the grave of his son Eric who died of drugs overdose twice a week.  

He talks of his stroke, his pacemaker and his double knee replacement surgery.

Douglas is a survivor at 90 and doesn't have anything to hide. He wants to tell of his life and share his thoughts and what life means to him.

His life has been a rollercoaster. He has had fame and fortune. He has had major downs and a yearning to return to his Jewish roots. Married twice, Douglas tells of the proud moment when his wife of 50 years Anne, converted to Judaism - in her 80s.

Douglas has the gift to captivate the reader. We get an insight into the lives of other Hollywood greats and how they interacted with Douglas. From Yul Brynner and Burt Lancaster to Walter Matthau and Judy Garland. 

Let's Face It is a brilliant read and something you can't put down. You want to read it, you want to close your eyes and be taken into the world of Douglas. And what a world and life he has lived which thankfully he has put down into words to share with people.

Let's Face It (Wiley) is out now.