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Bookniks review

by: Jonathan Samuel - Last updated: 2007-03-05



SomethingJewish offered 10 pairs of tickets to the special Bookniks night at Jewish Book Week and Jonathan Samuel was one of the lucky winners. Find out what he thought of the night.

I attended the "bookniks" evening at Jewish Book Week, while my wife Leonora, babysat - and in the end I gave the second ticket I won in the somethingjewish competition away at the door to a needy student. It was a good evening programme. Discussion, comedy, poetry and music.

The five comedians were pretty funny (well, 4 out of 5 were).

 Two elderly Jewish ladies overheard dining in a hotel in the  
 1st "The food here is all totally disgusting"
 2nd "Yes, ...and such small portions too!!"
(...the old ones are the best)

I particularly liked the Israeli singer-songwriter though, Idit Eshel, who sang amazingly and accompanied herself on a large frame-drum. You can see her for yourself on You Tube at on Myspace.

I bought her CD which she signed for me. Book her for Limmud/Limmudfest, somebody!

I also met up with a couple of young musicians who organise a "tribal dance" thingy... Apparently it is similar to something Idit has been involved with in Israel.  It seems it involves lots of people - with musicians jamming and people dancing energetically. Every month on
Saturday afternoon / night until the early hours.

It sounded good so I obtained the details (hopefully more jam than acid - or maybe acid is the music - they seemed nice Jewish boys) & it takes place at the Horse Bar.
email for further information.