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Israeli Euro flop

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2006-05-21

Eddie Butler

Eddie Butler

Israel has suffered one of its worst defeats at music competition Eurovision, coming second from last in Greece and now finds itself having to compete in next year's semi-finals in order to gain a place at the final in Finland.

Represented by Eddie Butler, the song Together We Are One scored just four points with all the points coming from France. Only Malta did worse coming last with 1 point. By contrast Eurovision winners Lordi from Finland scored 292 points.

The last time Israel came second from last was in 1993 with the song Shiru from Lamakat Shiru with Saraleh Sharon.

Even before Butler took to the stage, Israeli Eurovision fans were shocked to discover he was chosen to represent the country.

One fan told SomethingJewish two weeks before the final: "Only a miracle, or all the other countries failing to show up may help Israel do well". As it turned out, a miracle didn't happen.

"Israel showed that if you want to lose, then you should lose big time," the fan told us after the show. "How we ended up with this terrible song and awful performer is anyone's guess. This was a real disaster."

Eurovision expert Caroline Westbrook of said it was not surprising that Butler did so badly.  "It was not just a poor song, but a poor performance," she said. "Israel has had a great tradition of success at Eurovision, but this year they got it totally wrong. It failed on so many levels. Hopefully they will learn from this mistake and next year get back up to form but it will be harder as they'll need to compete first in the semi-finals in order to make it to the final."

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