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Someone Jewish for Lisa

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2006-02-03

Lisa Loeb

Lisa Loeb

You would have thought that with a greatest hits album and her own TV show, Dallas' finest Jewish songstress Lisa Loeb would be very happy.

Well, she is - sort off, but in the love stakes, it's something she is looking to improve on and is looking for someone Jewish.

And Jewish men from around the world including Britain, Israel and America should pay some attention to 37-year-old Lisa and her show. Among them may be the one man she is looking for.

After more than a decade of dating non-Jewish men, sexy Lisa's TV show on E! "No.1 Single" shows the "Stay" singer trying to get a date and looking to settle down.

Her previous long relationships to non-Jews just didn't work out for her. "I realised throughout both relationships I was thinking about getting married and having kids and I wanted my kids to be raised Jewish," Loeb told LA's Jewish Journal.

And despite being adored by thousands for her music, it's the special someone that Loeb is after. "What’s truly special aren’t the 10,000 people who scream your name, but the one man who knows you better than all those 10,000 fans.”

So who is Loeb looking for?  Well, in one scene of her show, she writes on her profile for an online dating service: "a highly intellectual man who can cry at movies, eschews fake hair and is Jewish or not seriously something else."

Find out more about Lisa on her show No.1 Singe at: